Babyface Beagle is one of the seven recurring Beagle Boys in DuckTales.

His plate number is 617-716. Babyface seemed to vanish from the show after the "Super DuckTales" serial, however, he still made the occasional appearance in Ducktales comics.



Babyface seems to be the youngest of the Beagle Boys, not just in looks, but also in some of his mannerisms. He comes across as overexcitable and immature, such as in "Time Teasers" when he's so eager to get his hands on the Time Teaser, he ends up breaking it. He is very enthusiastic when it comes to breaking into Scrooge's money bin.

He can be quite impertinent, and isn't afraid to insult others to their faces (such as Magica de Spell in Send in the Clones) or talk back to his bigger brothers, like when he calls out Bankjob in Time Teasers. In spite of this, he is one the smarter Beagles- he's the first one to realize Ma is outright abandoning them in The Robot Robbers, and he drops the ironic "see what happens when you don't wear your seat belt?" line in Hero For Hire.

Babyface also appears to be something of a klutz, very often tripping over his own feet or breaking things. Like all his brothers, he adores Ma Beagle and is dedicated to defending her honor. In The Robot Robbers, he is quick to rush to her defense when she's smeared. He also loves her food, sometimes even hindering her cooking while he tries to steal a bite.


Babyface is aptly named for his small size and cute appearance; he is short and tubby (but taller than Bigtime). Unlike the rest of his brothers, he is clean-shaven and he wears a unique backwards propeller hat, implying he may be the youngest of the group. His red shirt is too small for him, revealing his belly, and the cuffs of his sleeves are white and frilly. He doesn't wear the traditional yellow gloves. Babyface has two small strands of hair on his head.




  • Babyface's propeller hat starts spinning when he is happy or excited.
  • In the Ducktales comic "Webby's Field Trip", he becomes friends with Webby. However he has a different design in this story.
  • In the comic "The Grope Diamond", Babyface disguises himself as an abandoned baby in a basket to deceive a policeman.
  • In "The Grope Diamond" he is robbing a candy store. This together with him nipping into Ma's cooking suggesting he really likes sweets.