Baggy Beagle is one of the seven recurring Beagle Boys in DuckTales.

His plate number is 617-716.



Out of all of the Beagle Boys, Baggy is quite likely the least intelligent. He has trouble expressing himself and constantly stumbles over words, making it difficult for his brothers to understand what he means. He isn't bright enough to come up with plans, but he follows orders he's given blindly (usually by Bigtime), even when they're a challenge for him.


Baggy is tall, and as is suggested by his name, he wears loose and baggy clothing. Baggy almost always can be seen with a silly grin on his face, and his eyes drooping lazily. His plate is crooked, with the left corner bent in.



  • In Beaglemania, Baggy plays the keyboard.
  • In Attack of the Fifty-Foot Webby, the brothers mention its Baggy's birthday and they take him to the circus. If the original airdate can be assumed to be this date, his birthday is November 16.