Bankjob Beagle is one of the recurring seven main Beagle Boys in DuckTales. He often serves as the leader of the group whenever BigTime and Ma are not present.

His prison number is 614-167.



Bankjob is one of the most intelligent of the Beagle Boys, however, he relies more on his brute strength than his brains. He tends to be impulsive and quick to anger, but is very confident and takes pride in his position as leader.

Like the rest of his brothers, he has a deep respect for Ma, seeking vengeance when she's insulted like in The Robot Robbers, and follows her orders loyally, like in Hero For Hire where he acted as a movie director.

Bankjob seems to be recklessly brave, and in Time Teasers this is seen by him stealing and shooting directly at a cop. But later in the episode, he appears to be quite fearful when confronted by pirates. 


Bankjob has a hulking, muscular physique and towers above his brothers, being close to Launchpad McQuack's height. He has a large cleft chin and buckteeth, with stubble all over his face. He wears the standard Beagle Boy outfit of a red shirt, blue pants, yellow gloves, and a green cap.




  • Bankjob's placard changes a few times in the series, reading 671-167, 618-167, and 614-167 in different episodes.

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