The Beagle Babes are the cousins of the Beagle Boys, appearing soley in the episode The Good Muddahs. What they lacked in fame and success, they more than made up for it in their charm and cunning.


The Beagle Babes wanted to think big, like the Beagle Boys, so when Ma Beagle and her boys are all locked away in the slammer, they decided it was their time for stardom. They learned that Scrooge McDuck was the sole caretaker for some crown jewels, and they promptly decided to steal them. However, the heist backfires when they realized they forgot to supply their guns with bullets, and as an alternative, they decided to kidnap Webby. Over time, they become attached to her, and even end up repenting for their crimes. At the end of the episode, they are jailed, and never mentioned again.

The Beagle Babes

Image Name Placard Number Characteristics
BabydollB GoodMuddahs2 Babydoll Beagle 776-177 Hotheaded and impulsive, Babydoll is the most tomboyish of her sisters. She is always quick to come up with a solution whenever there's a problem. She wears a lavender dress with a bow and has rouged cheeks. She is voiced by Susan Blu.
BouffantB GoodMuddahs1 Bouffant Beagle 767-171 The most mature of the sisters, Bouffant is usually the leader of the Beagle Babes. She can be bossy and She has tall red hair that she uses to smuggle items. She wears a purple crop top and a red skirt. Bouffant is voiced by Jo Anne Worley.
BoomBoomB GoodMuddahs4 Boom-Boom Beagle 382-238 Bubbly and ditzy, Boom-Boom's strength isn't her intelligence, but rather her "feminine charm". She does this by distracting shopkeepers while her sisters rob the store. She has a blonde bob and has a voluptuous figure, wearing a pink dress. Her placard number may also be her measurements. Her voice was done by Victoria Carroll.