This article is for Mrs. Betina Beakley from the original series; for the 2017 version, see Mrs. Betina Beakley (2017)

Mrs. Betina Beakley is an elderly anthropomorphic duck seen in DuckTales. Not what you were looking for? Check out Betina Beakley (2017).


She is hired by Scrooge McDuck to be his maid and his nephews' nanny. She also has a granddaughter named Webby. They live in Scrooge's mansion. She's often seen cooking the dinner, cleaning or scolding the boys when Scrooge is in his office.


She is motherly, rational, selfless, protective, benevolent, encouraging, accountable, kind-hearted, loving, educated, wise, bold, even-tempered, trusting, independent, nurturing, affectionate, big-hearted, empathetic, attentive, knowledgeable, lion-hearted, earnest and hard-working.


In Terror of the Terra-firmians she is nicknamed "Tea Time" then "Abbey Road" by Lena.