Big Time Beagle is one of the Beagle Boys. He is the shortest of the Beagle Boys, but he makes up for it with his cunning personality. He is also one of the most common Beagles to appear in the show, making frequent returns in episodes.

His plate number is 167671.



Bigtime is short tempered, though very cunning. He tends to be the leader of the group whenever Ma is not present. He is usually first to spot a situation that can be taken advantage of, and does so thoroughly, often going so far as to take advantage of those who normally would work alongside him. Due to his petulant disposition, he can be very quick to snap at his fellow Beagle Boys when they miss a beat. Bigtime seems to have an especially poor relationship with Burger.

Like all the Beagle Boys, he is very protective of his mother, and won't hesitate to fight in order to reclaim her honor.


Bigtime is very small in stature, but like the rest of his brothers, on the heavy side. He has patches of stubble on his face, and he's usually seen scowling. He wears the traditional Beagle Boy outfit; a red shirt, blue pants, yellow gloves, and green cap.


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