Flintheart Glomgold is Scrooge McDuck's rival, who holds the title of being The Second Richest Duck in the World.



He is portrayed as an ambitious, ruthless, feisty, loud-mouthed, ingenious, negative, treacherous, harsh, evil, arrogant, rough, traitorous, grumpy, loathsome, opportunistic, mean-spirited, gluttonous, obsequious, lazy, dishonest and manipulative businessman. But he lacks any of Scrooge's tendencies towards generosity and compassion. He rarely has issues breaking the law, cheating and using other unfair tactics in order to fulfill his goal of becoming the world's richest duck, distinguishing him from Scrooge McDuck.

His handsomeness is similar to that of Scrooge Mcduck, and he is sometimes characterized as being of Scottish descent as well, but he is drawn with a full beard and sideburns as opposed to simple side-whiskers, and a green tam o'shanter with a red pom pom, green kilt and blue coat.

The Golden Goose

In this two-part episode, Glomgold almost beats Scrooge at being the world's richest duck with the help of the Golden Goose-until he gets turned into gold himself; in the series finale, Glomgold makes one last attempt to get richer than Scrooge by sending the metal mites to eat whole money from Scrooge's bin. Glomgold almost succeeds when Fenton Crackshell stopped the metal mites and the last ones retrieved by Dijon spread in Glomgold's office. The biggest humiliation of all this is the fact Scrooge finds a way to earn honest money with the metal mites captured by Fenton.

The Smart Nephew

In this 1988 DuckTales comic book story, Cosme Quartieri and Jorge Sanchez, a nephew of Glomgold's appears: the smart and brave Junior.

Video Games

DuckTales NES (1989)

Flintheart appears in this video game for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). After Scrooge completes all the regular levels, Flintheart challenges him to a race in which the winner will take all of the treasure Scrooge has acquired.

DuckTales 2 (1993)

Glomgold re-appears in the 1993 video game sequel DuckTales 2, also for the NES, once again trying to obtain the treasures that Scrooge had collected and is also the game's final boss. In the game's bad ending, Scrooge and his nephews can be seen watching a TV show explaining that Flintheart has retrieved the Treasure of McDuck, making him the greatest adventurer in all the world, much to Scrooge's chagrin.