"I'm the best for getting something for nothing." - Gladstone Gander

Gladstone Gander is created by Carl Barks who was in the original 1987 series and returning to the reboot as an accurate adaptation. He is voiced by Paul F. Tompkins.


A character created by Carl Barks who made his debut in the Donald Duck comic Wintertime Wager in Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #88 (first published in January 1948).

Gladstone Gander is a lazy and extremely lucky goose who never fails to upset his first cousin and arch-nemesis, Donald Duck.

Disney comics writer and artist Don Rosa has commented on the character:

"Gladstone is unwilling to make the slightest effort to gain something that his luck cannot give him, and, when things go wrong, he resigns immediately, certain that around the next corner a wallet, dropped by a passer-by, will be waiting for him."


Unlike Donald Duck or Scrooge who are hardworking, Gladstone is lazy and overdependent on his luck. He has no ambitions in life and is incapable of long-term planning. Gladstone is also arrogant bragging about his luck and believing that with his supernatural luck, he can get out of any situation and can breeze through life without having to get his hands dirty.

When his luck got him in a situation that meant sacrificing his family for his freedom, he did not hesitate to win the competition despite all that his family had gone through for him, showing how selfish he is and how little he cares for others besides himself. Along with being inconsiderate, he is also a self-observed because, despite everything Donald and Scrooge had done to save him, Gladstone didn't thank the two for saving his life and merely brushes it off as his own luck's doing that got them out.


In The House of the Lucky Gander! Gladstone "invites" his family to an enchanted casino to get their help so he can escape. Though with Toad Liu Hai; The Spirit of Luck and Fortune watching his every move, so he instead uses his cousin Donald Duck's bad luck to through his supernatural luck off. While entertaining Louie with his luck, he keeps Donald close in order to use his bad luck, it doesn't work for Gladstone but it ultimately embarrasses Donald so much so, that he tries to leave. Gladstone tries to stop him, and it is then revealed that Gladstone has been imprisoned by Liu Hai. Gladstone admits that because of his luck, Liu Hai imprisoned him to feed on his fortune to grow stronger. Which is why he called Scrooge and Donald to rescue him in the first place.

Liu Hai then proposes that Scrooge take Gladstone's place, as the richest duck in the world is more valuable. Yet instead, Scrooge challenges Liu Hai to a game for their freedom, which an intrigued Liu Hai accepts; however, Liu Hai chooses Gladstone as his pawn in the game, and chooses Donald to represent Scrooge and the family. While Gladstone effortlessly avoids the obstacles, Donald goes through them while getting a bit bruised along the way. When Gladstone come close to winning Donald thinks about giving up for good, but Louie encourages Donald. He then after, powers through the remaining course and wins. Although Donald won, Scrooge convinces Liu Hai to take Donald as his prisoner instead of Gladstone, due to him winning instead of Gladstone.

Liu Hai agrees, releasing the group, but the Louie is furious at Scrooge with Gladstone being concerned about his cousin's well-being; however, Liu Hai is severely malnourished due to absorbing Donald's bad luck. Even though Donald saved them all, Gladstone believes it was his luck that saved them, thinking that he was the hero.

Fortunately, despite all of his faults, Gladstone has an existential soul-seeking side where he questions who Gladstone Gander really is and wanted to go on a journey to answer said questions. Unfortunately, that didn't last long as his fortune came back when a beautiful and wealthy woman sold him her yacht for 20 bucks. This shows that despite all he had gone through, as long as his luck continues to spoil him, Gladstone is somewhat irredeemable and cannot see the error of his ways.

Gladstone has a brief cameo in The Shadow War!, where he walks on the streets of Duckburg during the lunar eclipse. As he finds yet another 20 dollar bill on the ground and attempts to pick it up, his shadow is brought to life by Magica de Spell. However, rather than attacking Gladstone, the shadow picks up the money and gives it to him with a friendly smile before joining Magica's shadow army.

Physical Appearence

Gladstone wears a yellow shirt with a green vest and jacket.


"I'm the best of getting something for nothing." - Gladstone Gander

"Hey twenty dollars." - Gladstone Gander


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DuckTales - Paul F Tompkins INTERVIEW

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  • Gladstone was the son of Luke the Goose and Daphne Duck(Donald's paternal aunt), who died from overeating at a free-lunch picnic. He was then adopted by Scrooge McDuck's sister Matilda McDuck and Goosetave Gander.
  • Gladstone was born on Daphne's birthday, who was born under the protection sign of the Triple Distelfink, thus inheriting his mother's luck. So his lucky is supernaturally gifted.
  • Gladstone was very spoiled when growing up.
  • Compared to his classic self, his redesign for DuckTales 2017 has been met with much criticism, seen as straying too far from Gladstone's classic features (such as his haircut, small eyes and spats).
  • Comic artist Sarah Jolley created a "Gladstone redesign" that has been almost unanimously praised above the official version. At the request of fans, Jolley even created a short comic explaining how the design might imaginably be canon.