List of DuckTales Episode Guide List:

  1. The Treasure of the Golden Suns Part One
  2. The Treasure of the Golden Suns Part Two
  3. The Treasure of the Golden Suns Part Three
  4. The Treasure of the Golden Suns Part Four
  5. The Treasure of the Golden Suns Part Five
  6. Armstrong
  7. Luck o' the Ducks
  8. Till Nephews Do Us Part
  9. Nothing to Fear
  10. The Duck in the Iron Mask
  11. Much Ado About Scrooge
  12. Spies in their Eyes
  13. Dime Enough for Luck
  14. Jungle Duck
  15. Scroogerello
  16. Top Duck
  17. Bermuda Triangle Tangle
  18. The Status Seekers
  19. Sweet Duck of Youth
  20. Magica's Shadow War
  21. Launchpad's First Crash
  22. Home Sweet Homer
  23. Duck to the Future
  24. Down and Out in Duckburg
  25. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. McDuck
  26. Time Teasers
  27. Catch as Cash Can Part One
  28. Catch as Cash Can Part Two
  29. Catch as Cash Can Part Three
  30. Catch as Cash Can Part Four
  31. Merit-Time Adventure
  32. Ducky Horror Picture Show
  33. The Golden Fleecing
  34. Horse Scent
  35. Duckworth's Revolt
  36. Ducks of the West
  37. Pearl of Wisdom
  38. Once Upon a Dime
  39. Dinosaur Ducks
  40. Sphinx for the memories
  41. Double-O-Duck
  42. Microducks from Outer Space
  43. Robot Robbers
  44. Send in the clones
  45. Lost Crown of Genghis khan
  46. The Right Duck
  47. Back in the Outback
  48. Sir Gyro de Gearloose
  49. Raiders of the Lost Harp
  50. Where No Duck Has Gone Before
  51. All Ducks on Deck
  52. The Curse of Castle McDuck
  53. Superdoo!
  54. Earth Quack
  55. Magica's Magic Mirror/Take Me out of the Ball Game
  56. Scrooge's Pet
  57. The Money Vanishes
  58. Back to the Klondike
  59. Master of the Dijinni
  60. Launchpad's Civil War
  61. Hero for Hire
  62. Maid of the Myth
  63. Hotel Strangeduck
  64. Duckman of Aquatraz
  65. The Uncrashable Hindentanic
  66. Time is Money Part One
  67. Time is Money Part Two
  68. Time is Money Part Three
  69. Time is Money Part Four
  70. Time is Money Part Five
  71. Attack of the 50-Foot Webby
  72. Ducky Mountain High
  73. Yuppy Ducks
  74. The Bride Wore Stripes
  75. Bubbeo and Juilet
  76. The Good Muddahs
  77. Bubba's Big Brainstorm
  78. Beaglemania
  79. The Golden Goose, Part One
  80. The Golden Goose, Part Two
  81. Super DuckTales Part One
  82. Super DuckTales Part Two
  83. Super DuckTales Part Three
  84. Super DuckTales Part Four
  85. Super DuckTales Part Five
  86. Metal Attraction
  87. A Case of Mistaken Secret Identity
  88. New Gizmo-kids on the Block
  89. The Unbreakable Bin
  90. Dough Ray Me
  91. The Mask Mallard
  92. Scrooge's Last Adventure
  93. A DuckTales Valentine
  94. Blue Collar Scrooge
  95. Allowance Day
  96. The Land of Tra-La-La
  97. My Mother, the Psychic
  98. The Big Flub
  99. The Duck Who Knew Too Much
  100. Attack of the Metal Mites

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