A Drain on the EconomyA Whale of a Bad TimeAdmiral Clemens
Alan BurnettAlan ZasloveAnthony Adams
Aqua DucksArmstrongAstrid Ryterband
Babyface BeagleBaggy BeagleBankjob Beagle
Beagle BabesBeagle BoysBermuda Triangle Tangle
Betina BeakleyBetina Beakley (2017)Bigtime Beagle
Bob HathcockBouncer BeagleBrooks Wachtel
Bruce CovilleBruce Reid SchaeferBruce Talkington
Bubba the Cave DuckBurger BeagleCarl Barks
Cartoon All-Stars To The RescueCatch as Cash CanCherie Dee Wilkerson
Cliff MacGillivrayCold DuckCurrent events
Dale HaleDavid BlockDavid Schwartz
David WeimersDennys McCoyDewey Duck (2017)
Diane DuaneDime Enough for LuckDon't Give Up the Ship
Don't Give Up the Ship/GalleryDon GlutDonald Duck
Donald Duck (2017)Doofus DrakeDoug Hutchinson
Down and Out in DuckburgDr. Jekyll and Mr. McDuckDuckTales
DuckTales (2017)DuckTales 2DuckTales Remastered
DuckTales Theme SongDuckTales the Movie: Treasure of the Lost LampDuck to the Future
Duck to the Future (VHS)DuckburgDuckworth
Earl KressEl CapitanEleanor Burian-Mohr
Evelyn GabaiFarderekFenton Crackshell
Flintheart GlomgoldFrancis RossFrank Ridgeway
Gandra DeeGizmoduckGordon Bressack
Gyro GearlooseHelen of TroyHome Sweet Homer
Hotel StrangeduckHuey, Dewey, and Louie DuckHuey, Dewey, and Louie Duck (2017)
Huey Duck (2017)Jack EnyartJack Hanrahan
James A. MarkovichJames T. WalkerJamie Mitchell
Jeff HallJohn PirilloJohn Semper
Judy ZookJungle DuckJunior Woodchuck Guidebook
Junior WoodchucksJymn MagonKen Koonce
Launchpad's First CrashLaunchpad McQuackLaunchpad McQuack (2017)
Len UhleyList of DuckTales EpisodesLost Crown of Genghis khan
Louie Duck (2017)Luck o' the DucksMa Beagle
Magica's Shadow WarMagica De SpellMain Page
Manette Beth RosenMargaret OsborneMark Seidenberg
Mark YoungMark ZasloveMaster of the Dijinni
McDuck ManorMerit-Time AdventureMerlock the Magician
Michael KeyesMichael O'MahoneyMircea Mantta
Much Ado About ScroogeNothing to FearNumber One Dime
Pamela HickeyPatsy CameronPing the Pitiless
QueenRichard EsckilsenRichard Merwin
Richard TruebloodRick LeonRobot Robbers
Sam JosephScrooge's Money BinScrooge McDuck
Scrooge McDuck (2017)ScroogerelloSend in the Clones
Sharman DiVonoSir Gyro de GearlooseSphinx for the memories
Spies in their EyesSteve ClarkSweet Duck of Youth
Tedd AnastiTerence HarrisonThe Duck in the Iron Mask
The Hound of Castle McDuckThe Money VanishesThe Phantom Blot
The Status SeekersThe Treasure of the Golden SunsThe Uncrashable Hindentanic
Three Ducks of the CondorTigerTill Nephews Do Us Part
Time TeasersTom NaugleToo Much of a Gold Thing
Top DuckVincent DavisWebby Vanderquack
Webby Vanderquack (2017)Welcome to DuckburgWhere No Duck Has Gone Before
Wooden ShipWorking for ScalesWrongway In Ronguay

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