Louis "Louie" Duck is one of Donald Duck's nephews.


Louie is a small white 11 year old duck with a green hoodie.


Louie has been described as the 'evil' triplet. Louie is a slacker at the most but he is always up for an adventure with his family. Louie can be very greedy, like Scrooge he's got an eye for money and treasure. Louie is also a schemer as he is confident to use charm to manipulate others to get want he wants, as it was shown in DayTrip of Doom .


  • His voice actor, Bobby Moynihan, has done many other voice acting roles including in Nature Cat and We Bare Bears, but he is best known for his 8 season(s) performance on the NBC sketch comedy Saturday Night Live.
  • In the pilot, Louie is shown to be a compulsive liar

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