Ma Beagle is the matriarch of the villainous Beagle Boys in DuckTales, and a recurring antagonist that acts as one of Scrooge's rivals.



Ma Beagle is a strong leader and easily the smartest of all the Beagle Boy clan. She's cunning and aggressive, and is often the one to hatch the plans for the group. She is much better at evading capture, and when her sons are incarcerated, she sends them baked good filled with tools like files and dynamite so that they can escape.

Ma Beagle clearly cares deeply for all her children, despite her callous insults and comments of disappointment. But her love for money could quite possibly surpass that for her family. She is obsessed with getting her hands on Scrooge's Money Bin, and goes through many lengths to get it, including falsifying a marriage to Scrooge in The Bride Wore Stripes. Ma has had a strong rivalry with Scrooge McDuck, ever since their first meeting in Once Upon A Dime.

It is unknown who Ma Beagle's husband is, but she admits to having "more kids than a toad has warts" (Frozen Assets).


Ma Beagle is round and chubby, with lipstick, grey hair in a bun, and wearing an old-fashioned hat with a flower. She doesn't wear a placard number, or the typical Beagle Boy outfit; instead she has a red sweater trimmed with yellow, topped with a green bow and a blue skirt. She also has the traditional yellow gloves.




  • Ma Beagle seems to be surprisingly agile, as seen by her evasion of the police in The Robot Robbers.
  • Ma Beagle has a heart and arrow tattoo on one arm (The Bride Wore Stripes).
  • She coaches Little League Baseball to the Beagle Brats in Take Me Out Of the Ballgame.
  • In numerous Ducktales comics, she has blonde hair.

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