Episode 51a

"Magica's Magic Mirror" is the first segment of the fifty-first episode of DuckTales.

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Magica De Spell is making another attempt at trying to take Scrooge's dime. Magica decides to dress veiled and give Scrooge a magic mirror that can predict the future. Magica then makes bad things happen to things around Scrooge so Magica can try to get Scrooge's dime in order to make the bad things stop by the use of a magic mirror she made. Various predictions that happened around them include the arrival of Doofus at the McDuck Mansion, and Launchpad crashing and landing through the chimney.

Magica found it working to plan until the nephews become suspicious when the mirror predicted Scrooge would give the dime to Magica (disguised as the veiled woman). They found out that Magica was behind the predictions and do their own predicting that Scrooge would find out the veiled woman was Magica. Magica would once again be frustrated from being so close to getting Scrooge's dime.

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  • DuckTales: Volume 2

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Episode 51b

"Take Me Out of the Ballgame" is the second segment of the fifty-first episode of DuckTales.


Huey, Dewey, and Louie were getting ready for their baseball game and waiting for their coach Launchpad to come but apparently Scrooge needed Launchpad for a mission, leaving Duckworth to coach for the Junior Woodchucks team. Duckworth, not knowing much about baseball still decided to agree. Duckworth treated baseball as if it was cricket, leading to confusion on the team. Whenever one of the players wanted to do something like sliding or stealing, Duckworth would stop them from doing so, leading them to lose majorly against some beagle kids in which Ma Beagle was coaching. Later on near the end of the game, Duckworth finally got the idea that baseball isn't a sport that's like cricket so Duckworth finally was able to coach them well and eventually beat their opponents.

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  • This was the last episode made by TMS Entertainment.

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  • DuckTales: Volume 2

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