Magica De Spell is a witch, and an enemy to Scrooge McDuck. She makes her first appearance in Send in the Clones.


Magica is a devious witch who wants nothing more than to steal Scrooge's Number One Dime. She will gladly use underhanded tactics to achieve this goal. She is petulant and easily driven to anger, and will lash out at those who do not do their job well enough. But when faced with a dire situation, she will side with her enemy. And she is also known as mean, aggressive, grouchy, intelligent, cruel, abusive, dramatic, evil, spoiled, prissy, emotional, loud-mouthed, loathsome, menacing, arrogant, greedy, ill-tempered, clever, ambitious, devilish, elusive, sadistic, pompous, envious, laughable and loco.



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