The Money Bin on DuckTales

The Money Bin is a large building that houses a large sum of Scrooge McDuck's fortune. In DuckTales, it is separate from his home, and is down the street from his mansion; in the DuckTales reboot it is located on a small island just off shore from Duckburg.

It's frequently the target of numerous thieves, particularly The Beagle Boys. Scrooge has installed a security system, where an alarm is triggered in his mansion when someone breaks in.



DuckTales (2017)


  • A 60's Disney short, Scrooge McDuck and Money, points out that it's financially unsound to keep his millions isolated. It's explained then that it only contains a portion of his money, and the rest continues to circulate. In DuckTales however, Scrooge seems to keep all of his money there, as evident by him being 'broke' whenever he loses the money inside.

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