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Scrooge McDuck is the main character in the DuckTales Series. He is a Scottish duck, and is the richest businessman in the world. He goes to extreme lengths to save even small amounts of money.

Physical appearance

Scrooge dresses very fancy including a Top Hat and a blue jacket. He even has a very expensive cane which he uses to walk.


Scrooge is a headstrong, penny pinching old duck who will do whatever it takes to accomplish something he has set his mind to! His ambition and determination to make something of himself led to him becoming the richest duck in the world.

Scrooge does everything he can to save or earn a penny. He is a true businessman, and a tough negotiator, not willing to settle for less. But even so, his greed does not get in the way of his moral of doing things square.

This Scottish duck has a tendency to be very greedy, which often leads him into various bets with his rival, Flintheart Glomgold. Using the intelligence and extensive knowledge he gained from multiple adventures in his youth, Scrooge is able to come out on top of things every time.

Scrooge doesn't trust anyone, but himself, and a very select few people, such as his nephews. He is not one to openly show affection for anyone with very few exceptions.

Scrooge loves his money not for its dollar value like he lets on to everyone, but for the memories that go along for each individual one. To him, every cent has a different tale to tell of how he earned it.

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