"The Uncrashable Hindentanic" is the fifty-seventh episode of DuckTales.


Scrooge McDuck and Flintheart Glomgold have a contest that Scrooge can't get the Hindentantic to fly successfully. The bet was if Scrooge won, Glomgold would give invest $1 million in him but Scrooge would have to invest $1 million to Glomgold if he lost. Hearing about the Hindentanic, Gloria Swanson, an old actor who has her films hated, wants to make her return of her acting career by going on the Hindentanic and make a film out of it. She unfortunately can't get in since she doesn't have a ticket, so her and her cameraman sneak in some boxes loading on the Dirigible. Glomgold in disguise decides to board the Dirigible in order to wreck the Hindentanic.


  • There is nothing after the episode stating about what happened after the movie premiere. It was obvious Scrooge lost but there's nothing about them interacting with each other after the crash in this or in any of the episodes after this one.
  • The minor character John D. Rockefeather is not to be confused with John D. Rockerduck.
  • Scrooge tries to fly the blimp from Duckburg to London.

Video releases


  • DuckTales: Volume 3

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